Fascia Activation :

  • This is a personalized treatment session focusing on the participant's discomfort. A massage like technique is used to activate the fascia sling release – unlocking overall wellness and repair. A slow and focused treatment with little to no pain in massage – why re-traumatize the sensitive area?
  • The treatment sessions are an hour at a time
  • All necessary equipment will be brought by the practitioner
  • A space to work on a massage bed is required
  • While this treatment is mostly adaptable some privacy may be preferred
  • A team or individual practitioner can be arranged to accommodate your requirements
  • Wellness days include a short explanation and demonstration


TRE (Trauma and Tension Release exercise):

  • Any' body 'can do TRE, we adapt the technique to suit each participants own fitness levels and ability .
  • TRE is taught as self management tool – We enable each participant to learn this technique for their individual benefit.
  • Once learnt the participant can use TRE whenever needed to restore calm and focus (See TRE reported benefits)
  • How the program works - The technique is taught over four a week period. We see the participants once a week for an hour. They are encouraged to practice TRE at least once before seeing us again.
  • Cost effective – Our once off initial training can be followed up with sessions scheduled according to your budget.
  • Adaptable - We can adapt according to your facilities, as TRE only requires a yoga mat size space per person, with no  specialized gear or tools
  • TRE can be a stand alone technique or integrated into the participant’s exercise or daily routine – We encourage a regular practice by sharing ways to integrate the technique for the participants
  • Wellness days -  Our stand at your wellness day includes a brief introduction and demonstration to participants that visit us.


Wellness Talks:

  • My Bodywork and Life Coaching experience are integrated to create frank interactive one hour talks.
  • Wellness days can include some short talks at allocated times






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